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City One

The cockpit

The cockpit is at the heart of Plinius Innovations. It offers 4 key features:

Pollution analyzer: A unique sensor in the world of cycling, it regularly measures the level of fine particle pollution (PM2.5) along your route. These data are collected to feed a pollution map, aggregated from your city to the scale of each street. This map will be shared within the Plinius community and can be used by a GPS guidance system to help you choose the best route for your health.

Anti-theft: A GPS tracker will locate your e-bike wherever it is, stolen or lost.

Fall alarm: A remote alarm system that is triggered if the cyclist falls, which can be activated voluntarily, if you have a health problem or if you are simply lost.

Lighting: A powerful LED headlight! The Supernova Mini 2 is both durable and waterproof and comes with a five year warranty.

All these connected systems contribute to the peace of mind we aim to generate when you use a Plinius ebike.

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Brose Drive Magnesium T

One of the best German electric motors, lightweight (2.9kg) with the most power in its class (70Nm) Thanks to its high efficiency, this drive cuts a particularly good figure over long distances. Long tours or a short afterwork trip – this all-rounder provides enough power for all the requirements of everyday life.When the motor is switched off, there is no pedalling resistance. The 504 Wh battery will take you from 80 to over 100km depending on the type of use of your engine.

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Brose Display Central

In full view: The Brose Display Central guarantees an optimum overview. The extra-large 3.5-inch image with backlighting for perfect readability.  The remote control is equipped with 6 buttons, On/Off, engine assistance levels, headlights.

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Frame integrated suspension

HiRide Front Lite is a compact monoshock suspension with a unique feature: it is integrated into the head tube. The biggest effect with the smallest design, with only 20 mm of suspension travel.

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The Gates Carbon belt was the best choice for the transmission to be made for our customers, quiet, maintenance free, no oil, no derailleur and almost 10 times longer life than a metal chain

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Rear luggage

We offer you a rear luggage rack with the MIK system which will allow you to install in one click, your accessories (bags, basket,...) up to 25kg..

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Schwalbe’s Energizer Plus

Specially made for E-bikes. It rolls easily on the road and has good grip, even on unpaved ground. The newly created Addix E-Compound is specially optimized for maximum durability, low rolling resistance and exceptional grip.
The 55-622 tyre size ensures better comfort on 28 inch wheels.

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Taillight and brake light

The safety of the cyclist depends on the quality of his headlights and in particular the rear light, which must warn other road users of his actions, such as braking. Busch & Muller has developed the TOPLIGHT Line Brex, which consists of 2 high performance LEDs. Super bright with a visibility of up to 320°.The stop light is not a requirement on Ebikes in the European regulations but your safety is our safety with City One.

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