City One can only be delivered to a shop near your home, which will provide adjustment and maintenance.


Plinius Bikes

Plinius Bikes was founded in Stuttgart, Germany, the home of the quality car industry. From the very beginning, we didn’t want to be just another electric bike manufacturer. We wanted to be more than that with commitments and choices that are aligned with our values



We manufacture our frames, forks and various Plinius parts in Europe. Almost all of our partners’s components are also made in Europe. Producing in Europe has been a will, not only to have quality components, but also to avoid maritime transport from Asia, source of important pollution. Almost all elements of our bicycles are recyclable or made of recycled material (PET).


Societal impact

For us, a company should not be only an economic actor, we made the choice to support financially relays like the NGO AMADE which was created by the Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco whose objectives are to help the children in Africa and in other countries.

Our contribution consists in giving a percentage of the sale of each bike to AMADE (agreement signed in 2021, 100% of donations go to projects). We would like to encourage you to use our electric bikes, with your technical agreement, we will plant a tree that you will have “sponsored” for each mileage target (every 150 km) that you will have reached.

We have chosen the NGO TREE Nation which is present for reforestation on all continents.



The frames of our bikes are numbered, for traceability and to guarantee quality. The technology used in the manufacture of our bicycle frames is the same that is used in aeronautics. It provides a bicycle frame with no visible welds, solid and particularly aesthetic.

For each of the other components of our bikes, we have studied and selected them before they were integrated into our bikes.

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